Our Story | Faidee

Our story

Our Story | Faidee

‘King of the Burmese Ruby’
Founder, 1895–1960

Faidee was founded in the early 1900s by Roop Chand Lunia. As a gemstone dealer, he was known for his collection of rare and exceptional stones. His ability to foresee the potential of a rough and unlock its hidden beauty was incomparable. His expertise made him, incontrovertibly, one of the most dynamic gemstone dealers of his time, earning him the title of ‘King of the Burmese Ruby.’

The name ‘Faidee’, meaning ‘Good LUSTER’ in Thai, evolved from OUR LONGSTANDING family philosophy of FINDING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIGHT IN EVERYTHING.

With perfection coded into his very soul, Rajeev, for much of his youth, earnestly learnt about cutting and grading diamonds, striving to continue his great-grandfather’s legendary legacy. This rigorous training and unbridled motivation enabled him to explore his limitless imagination, hone his intense precision and sharpen his exceptional skills. With that same unparalleled ability to spot spectacular stones and identify the perfect cut, Rajeev leads Faidee’s skilled artisans to take each ruby through an intensive process from the analysis of the rough to the final polishing, allowing each individual stone to reach its fullest potential.

Now in the fifth generation of the family business, we continue to preserve our traditions with even more passion and perfection, bringing out the very best in Burmese rubies and Kashmiri sapphires.